Legal clarity can push the Bitcoin ETF

A main reason for the rejection last year was that the Bitcoin markets were “unregulated” and partial. The first Bitcoin futures have been running for a year now, custody solutions are in the pipeline and the SEC itself has made it clear that Bitcoin and Ethereum are the “model of decentralised nature” and therefore not classified as securities, so there is no need to regulate these markets additionally.

In addition, crypto currency exchanges are imposing increasingly stringent requirements in connection with know-your-customer and anti-money laundering, which means that a certain regulatory framework is in place and will become increasingly apparent in the long term.

Bitcoin revolution a possibility

All this suggests that banks and the government are all looking for a part of the expanding Bitcoin revolution market and a regulated listed fund would certainly help in this regard of the Bitcoin revolution.

CEO Jan van Eck of Van Eyck Investment and SolidX noted that the “insurance component” of the Bitcoin Trust would help protect investors from the risks. Meanwhile, Andy Hoffman of believes that the recent submission by the Cboe has generated enthusiasm despite the current declining trend in crypto currency markets.

If the SolidX Bitcoin Shares ETF is approved on August 10, it is likely to trigger a massive explosion in the Bitcoin price – and the crypto currency area in general.

Bitcoin Bull Run thanks to Bitcoin trader?

We’ve already reported on the hedge fund Bitcoin trader, who believes a price of $70,000 in the next Bull Rally is quite possible as many other Bitcoin trader.

The Bitcoin ETF is probably the most important reason when it comes to triggering a Bitcoin Bull Run. The introduction of the futures last year in December has initiated a real buying rally. But in contrast to the Bitcoin futures, the ETF is actually covered by Bitcoins. One SolidX share (Bitcoin ETF) equals 25 Bitcoin.

Traditional investors now have the opportunity to simply invest. Another important point of the Bitcoin ETF from CBOE is that the deposits are insured and investors therefore do not have to fear a hacker attack, for example, which greatly reduces the entry barrier.

If the ETF goes through, which I think is very likely, it could mean a massive capital injection that will boost the entire crypto currency market.

3 reasons why crypto currencies are volatile

Why are crypto currencies volatile? Last year was the least volatile year in stock market history, and has been for decades. Traders who have benefited from price fluctuations in the past have given up their jobs on high-frequency trading algorithms performed by computers working in the millisecond range. On Wall Street, people are being replaced by machines, and four years of volatility in the stock market could be summed up by just a month of fluctuations in the crypto currency markets. Crypto veterans know this is a fact, but why is this asset class more volatile than any other liquid asset in the market?

No intrinsic value of the Bitcoin code

Despite numerous company valuations done by onlinebetrug, crypto currencies do not sell products, earn revenues or employ thousands of people. They usually do not pay dividends, and only a small part of the total value of the Bitcoin code currency flows into development. That is why they are difficult to value. How do we know whether they are overbought or oversold? What is ‘the’ perfect value or is Bitcoin again overpriced? Without the fundamental data on which this information is based, we can only rely on the market sentiment that is often dictated by the media. And they make money as the number of viewers increases.

Lack of regulatory oversight according to onlinebetrug

Another reason why crypto currencies are volatile is that crypto currencies are a global phenomenon, and while governments are rigorously cracking down on industry, regulation of crypto currencies is still in its infancy. Such limited regulation allows market manipulation, which in turn leads to volatility and prevents institutional investment, as any large fund cannot guarantee that its capital is truly secure or at least protected from such onlinebetrug actors. In other words, one could say that crypto currencies are volatile because they are volatile. Yes, we understand: that sounds funny :-).

Lack of institutional capital

While it is undeniable that some fairly large venture capital firms, hedge funds and high net worth individuals have invested in crypto currencies, much of the institutional capital is still offside. At this stage, there is limited momentum and support for a crypto ETF or investment fund in this regard. Most banks admit that this would undoubtedly be possible, but that there is not yet enough capital or acceptance publicly available.

Stanford demonstrates Ethereum dApps without the need for an ICO

Stanford University students demonstrate how multi-million dollar ICOs are not necessary to develop products and solutions that relate to a working blockchain.

Stanford focuses on active blockchain development and Bitcoin profit

Since 2017, companies in the traditional financial and technology sectors have aggressively used the lucrative Bitcoin profit ICO market to generate significant Bitcoin profit in a short period of time. For developers, token sales in ICOs are an impeccable fundraising model, as investors must agree that the tokens they invest in have no value, no substance and no use case to circumvent the jurisdiction of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Without functional prototypes and functioning products, block chain developers can raise tens of millions of dollars within days to start the development process. But, as in the case of Tezos, collecting tens of millions of dollars often leads to disputes within the founding members of a blockchain project, which prolongs and delays the development of the blockchain network.

This week, students of Stanford CS 359B’s Designing Decentralized Applications on Blockchain program developed 16 blockchain-based distributed applications on the Ethereum protocol to maximize the potential of peer-to-peer digital asset trading and transaction processing.

The official description of the CS 359B program emphasized that in addition to the lectures that focus on explaining the elements of blockchain application development, students actively create and develop blockchain applications using smart contracts.

“Besides the lectures, there will be a quarterly project in which students will design, implement and evaluate a novel distributed application on a modern blockchain, such as the Ethereum or the NEO crypto currencies.

16 projects for Ethereum code

Among the innovative distributed applications developed by Stanford students in early 2018 were the customized Ethereum code Web Workflow workflow marketplace and Ethereum code, the Marlin distributed content delivery network, and the ImageTrust software asset distribution platform.

Projects presented by Stanford in early 2018 created applications that require the blockchain and maximise decentralisation. This is in contrast to many ICOs, whose foundations are based on blockchain buzzwords such as “high-performance protocol” and “proof-of-stake” (PoS), which lack innovation and uniqueness.

On 26 June, Cornell University Professor Emin Gun Sirer criticised a kickstart campaign that tries to raise big money by deceiving potential investors with the term “blockchain”.

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